Jane Johnson

About Jane

If you are browsing through this website, then there’s a good chance you are seeking help! You may be experienced with acupuncture therapy or perhaps you are at the stage where you are curious about whether it might help you.

I’d like to offer some information about me because I believe that when you chose a therapist, you’ll probably want to have some impression about whether you are likely to feel comfortable getting treatment from them!

I have been continuously practising acupuncture since I qualified in 2004. I had completed the highly respected 5 year, full-time, BAAB accredited, degree course from Middlesex and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This course included a lot of orthodox medical modules and it was pretty hard work! You can read more about my education and training.

I became interested in Acupuncture back in 1997. My eldest son had been having some health problems and I wanted to try and find something to help him. I met Dr Wu and was very impressed with his advice and treatment for my son. Dr Wu was a senior lecturer for the course at Middlesex University. I found out about the course and decided to apply.

I had always been interested in therapies that seemed more natural, like yoga exercise, eating healthily and massage but my son’s health problem was a wake up call that orthodox medicine could be a lifesaver and how a combined approach can sometimes be the best.

Before I had my children I qualified as a yoga teacher in 1991. After this training course I taught yoga classes and for a while I taught yoga alongside practising acupuncture and herbal therapy. This combined education helped me to understand how a home yoga programme could supplement and enhance the treatments and provide valuable life skills to encourage good health.