Herbal & Acupuncture Training

Jane Johnson, BSc Hons, BM, is a skilled, well-qualified and experienced acupuncturist and herbalist.

She completed her  BAAB accredited, herbal & acupuncture training, in a five-year, full-time degree course at Middlesex and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This course was the first joint collaboration between Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Middlesex University. It included a final year placement in hospitals in Beijing and clinical practice in the pain clinic at Whittington hospital and the Asante Clinic in London.

Tutored by highly-respected doctors of Chinese medicine, with long time experience of working in hospitals in China, Jane’s comprehensive course consisted of western medicine modules as well as Chinese medicine. These included:

    • Human Biosciences
    • Mechanisms of Drug Action
    • Applied Human Biosciences and Infection Control
    • Orthodox Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Procedures
    • Applied Clinical Sciences & Clinical Skills
    • Research Methods
    • Nutrition & Lifestyle
    • Western and Oriental Nutrition
    • Professional Practice & Business Skills
 Jane’s clinical practice continues her training’s “integrated” approach to medicine. This means she selects the best treatment tools from her treatment range to give her clients the best possible result and refers to other healthcare professionals where necessary.