Moxa Therapy in Cambridge

Moxa therapy is a traditional treatment often used alongside acupuncture. Moxa is dried and compressed Mugwort that can be used with or without acupuncture needles. It is heated and expertly applied to warm and relax the acupuncture points and surrounding area to relieve pain and encourage natural recovery.

How does it work?

Sticks or cones of dried and compressed Mugwort herb can either be lit and held close to the skin to give a soothing, warming sensation; or placed in a moxa box placed directly on to the skin. Small cones can also be wrapped to the end of an inserted acupuncture needle.

How does it help?

Traditionally, moxibustion is used to treat cold, stagnant conditions and to stimulate and smooth the flow of blood and energy. Some muscular-skeletal injuries, arthritis, digestive problems, women’s menstrual issues and immune system weakness can all benefit from moxibustion.

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