Treatment for warts and verrucas

Treatment for warts and verrucas

Unsightly and often occurring in visible places, warts and verrucas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. But you don’t have to put up with them on your hands and feet forever.

There is many an old wives’ tale about how to get rid of them, from the sublime frog kissing to the ridiculous drawing an ‘X’ in the middle of a crossroads and spitting on it (please look both ways before trying this)!

There is an easier way and one that will not get you arrested or run over.

What are warts and verrucas and what causes them?

Warts and verrucas (planar warts) are small rough lumps on the skin, usually found on the hands or the feet. Some can appear on the face, often the forehead. They are an infection in the top layers of skin caused by a strain of viruses called human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus is passed on via direct contact with someone else who has warts or verrucas. The virus can get into the layers of skin via scratches or cuts and some people are more susceptible to contracting them than others.

Warts are harmless but can be itchy and uncomfortable. Verrucas can be more painful and many describe the feeling as a sharp sting through their foot as they walk. Both are highly contagious and left untreated they can last months, or sometimes years.

How they are treated by your doctor or pharmacist

Conventional treatment will usually start with a visit to the pharmacist, where you can buy plasters and creams to kill the virus and restore the skin. These act by eating away the skin to eradicate the virus and soften the area so it can heal. The side effects of this can be further pain, blistering and irritation of the skin. When they become persistent, a doctor might treat them with liquid nitrogen which acts to freeze-burn the skin.

Quite often, however, warts and verrucas don’t respond to any conventional treatment and recur again and again. Continual treatment with creams can damage the skin, making further warts more likely and compromise your overall health and wellbeing.

How Cambourne Acupuncture treats warts

At our clinic we treat warts and verrucas with a combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Small acupuncture needles are inserted around the affected areas in other areas of the body to regulate and boost the immune system. We can also use moxa therapy, which involves heated moxa held close to the skin or on acupuncture needles.

Herbs are carefully selected to in preparations that are administered orally as a tea. This helps to tackle the virus from inside the body.

Successful treatment of verrucas after years of recurrence – Rachel’s story

“Having had verrucas on my feet for 8 years I became very self-conscious about the soles of my feet and gave up any activities where they may have been on display. Last summer the infection spread to my fingers and I developed warts around both thumb nails. Jane treated me with a combination of herbs & acupuncture. I was amazed and also hugely excited. My feet & hands are now clear. The infection has gone. I have taken up swimming & yoga again. I am delighted with the results of Jane treatment & cannot recommend her highly enough for her skill, patience, kindness & encouragement. Thank you!”

This testimonial was from 2010 so I reached out to Rachel again to see how she is now. I’m delighted to say that ten years on, Rachel is still free from warts and verrucas. She has never had another problem.

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