Cambridge Acupuncturist, Jane Johnson BSc Hons, BM

I’m Jane Johnson and I founded Cambourne Acupuncture in 2004.

I became interested in acupuncture back in 1997. My eldest son had been having some health problems and I wanted to try and find something to help him. I met Dr Wu, who was s senior lecturer at Middlesex University. His treatment of my son was a great success and I was so impressed by acupuncture’s ability to treat illness and disease, I applied for the course so I could help other people.

I completed the highly respected BAAB accredited degree course from Middlesex and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and began my practice in 2004. It was hard work for 5 years, but worth it!

I have always been interested in therapies that seemed more natural, like yoga, eating healthily and massage, but my son’s health problem proved to me that traditional medicine practices combined with conventional medicine can work wonders.

I am now an established acupuncturist in Cambridgeshire and in my clinic I now practice acupuncture, BBT charting, cupping, Chinese herbal medicine, moxa therapy and Tui Na and use the best mixture of these to transform my clients’ health and wellbeing.

Training and Education

I am a skilled, well-qualified and experienced acupuncturist and herbalist.

I completed my BAAB accredited herbal and acupuncture training in a five-year, full-time degree course at Middlesex and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This course was the first joint collaboration between Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Middlesex University. It included a final year placement in hospitals in Beijing and clinical practice in the pain clinic at Whittington hospital and the Asante Clinic in London.

During my time on the course, I was tutored by highly-respected doctors of Chinese medicine, with long time experience of working in hospitals in Chin. The comprehensive course consisted of western medicine modules as well as Chinese medicine, including Human Biosciences, Orthodox Internal Medicine and Diagnostic Procedures, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

My clinical practice continues my training’s integrated approach to medicine. When necessary I will refer to other healthcare professionals where necessary. This means I select the best therapy from my treatment range to give clients the best possible result.

I am fully accredited practitioner and a Member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Q&A with Jane

No. The needles used are very fine and completely sterile. There may be some mild sensation but no pain.

The needles used in acupuncture are placed at specific points in the body to tap into the flow of messages and energy of your body. The Chinese call this qi, modern medicine calls it your neural pathways. By interrupting the flow, acupuncture can reduce pain and divert energy to heal the source of pain or illness.

That does depend a little on the treatment and the severity of your problem but most people start to see improvements from the first session.

With every new client, I conduct a thorough online consultation. Together we’ll discuss your medical history and any medications you are taking. If you medical information changes while you are a patient, it is important that you let me know so I can be sure it doesn’t not conflict with your treatment plan.

I strongly advise against this. Plenty of the online shops don’t vet the authenticity of the herbal medicines on sale and you may end up paying for something which won’t help you or may even be harmful in your circumstances. The medicines I supply are from verified sources and given to you with my supervision to make sure they are right for you.