Fertility health clinic: Your Steps to Fertility Fitness

Are you having problems getting pregnant?  Perhaps medical tests have come back inconclusive?  Maybe you have been told there is a borderline sperm irregularity with your partner or a common gynaecological condition with you?

The good news is there is a way to improve your Fertility Health creating the right environment in your body to improve the chance of a success pregnancy.

What is Fertility Health?

Fertility Health is a state where each stage of a woman’s cycle functions perfectly and the man’s sperm has adequate quantity (sperm count), correct shape (morphology) and can ‘swim’ properly (motility).  These combined factors are vital to enable all the processes of conception, transportation, implantation and growth of the embryo to happen and to work successfully.

How Cambourne Acupuncture can help

Step One

Book a consultation in which we discuss your personal situation and your fertility data.

Step Two

Start a programme of treatment designed to address the minor fertility health issues that are identified during your consulation.

Step Three

Assess your progress via temperature charting, lab testing and sperm analysis.