IVF support clinic: Your Helping Hand

Acupuncture can form an important part of your IVF  treatment. It has become a popular add on therapy in recent years.

Our clinic is in a perfect location to support your IVF treatment, being only ten minutes away from Bourn Hall IVF Clinic and twenty minutes away from Cambridge IVF.


A 2018 systematic review and meta-analysis found acupuncture to have a significant treatment effect in improving the birth rates of sub-fertile women undergoing IVF or ICSI.

A summary of previous reviews from 2009 to 2017 found acupuncture had a beneficial treatment effect on clinical pregnancy rate. However, according to GRADE assessment guidelines, the scientific methods of the studies included in this review need to be improved.

Acupuncture may be a suitable treatment option to help reduce stress and anxiety levels for women suffering with subfertility.

Research indicates that the effectiveness of acupuncture may be dose-dependent, that is a sufficient number of acupuncture treatments are required over an adequate period of time

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Fertility Health

We would recommend that you start your acupuncture treatment a few months before your IVF cycle to work on any minor health issues that can help to support a successful and healthy pregnancy.