Pain & Injury Clinic: Your Road to Recovery

Do you suffer from persistent aches, pains – that reduce your ability to enjoy sports and pastimes?  Have you been affected by an injury that has left you with residual pain and swelling? Are you suffering symptoms post surgery that don’t seem to be resolving after the healing phase of your recovery?  Do you feel that, if only you could find a way of reducing or managing these symptoms, you would be able to enjoy life more?

Muscular Skeletal Pain 

Pain and swelling around joints, reduced movement, muscle stiffness and tightness and  pain referral syndromes like sciatica can all benefit from acupuncture therapy.

Headache & Migraine 

Do you suffer with persistent headaches and/or migraine?  You know only too well, how debilitating they can be.  Acupuncture therapy can help you. Here at Cambourne Acupuncture we have helped a lot of people with headache and migraine caused by many different contributors: muscular tension, hormone imbalance, stress and diet.

Here’s what a recent patient said about their treatment at Cambourne Acupuncture:

I have suffered with headaches and migraine for the last 20 years. Over the past few years i have been on and off of various medications in an attempt to treat these, without success. I started a course of treatments with Jane towards the end of last year, finishing in spring this year. Appointments started out weekly and gradually extended to monthly as the headaches reduced. I received acupuncture treatments around a dozen times in total and I have seen a great improvement. We also discussed diet and how certain changes may also assist in reducing my headaches and migraine. When I started treatment, I had approximately 10-15 headaches per month with the occasional migraine, currently I am managing to go several weeks without any. If you are a headache sufferer, I would recommend Jane as an acupuncture expert!


Toby 27/06/22