“I had been suffering with fluid retention on my right elbow. Over a period of six months the doctors had removed the fluid on several occasions and were now of the opinion I needed a small operation to remove the problem on a permanent basis. Following one treatment – yes only one treatment, the swelling reduced considerably. In under two weeks the fluid dispersed and the problem has since completely cleared up with no reoccurrence. I am so amazed by the results and can’t thank Jane enough for her professionalism, softness of manner and knowledge without which I am sure I would have had an operation by now. Thank you so much Jane.”

Tracy Hayes

Acupuncture treatment for elbow swelling

“Having had verrucas on my feet for 8 years I became very self conscious about the soles of my feet and gave up any activities where they may have been on display. Last summer the infection spread to my fingers and I developed warts around both thumb nails. Jane treated me with a combination of herbs and acupuncture. I was amazed and also hugely excited. My feet and hands are now clear. The infection has gone. I have taken up swimming & yoga again. I am delighted with the results of Jane treatment and cannot recommend her highly enough for her skill, patience, kindness & encouragement. Thank you!”

Rachel Godsill

Acupuncture to treat verrucas

“My back was becoming quite painful because of heavy lifting and constantly being on my feet, I was also constantly stressed. Jane administered acupuncture for both problems, the stress went almost immediately and my back problem was alleviated after two sessions of acupuncture, massage and some cupping. Many thanks Jane, what a professional, I don’t think I have ever met someone so passionate about what they do!”

Pia Ruston

Acupuncture to treat back pain

“You did four treatments over four weeks for a very painful gymnastics injury on my leg. I had the injury for about three weeks before I came to you and it hadn’t improved much in that time. Following the treatments it’s as if I never had the injury. My experience proved to me that a course of acupuncture not only speeds up recovery, but also restore the injury, so that it never troubles you again.”

James Neal

Acupuncture treatment for sports injury

“I’m 60 and have had eczema on and off all my life and at one point was hospitalised as it was so severe and debilitating.  In recent years using cortisone, anti-histamine & various emollients haven’t relieved my symptoms so I decided to stop all prescribed treatment and starting seeing Jane for acupuncture and herbal medicine. Appointments also included general life style advice including a few diet changes.  Three to four months on and my skin has improved to the point that I no longer need constant treatment.  It’s amazing . I feel so much better and relieved that I no longer have to apply ointments and take antihistamines. I totally recommend Jane. She is a kind, gentle, very professional and dedicated therapist.”


Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to treat eczema

“A new outbreak of eczema on my hands left me feeling unclean and I became depressed and withdrawn. I didn’t want to do my work as a primary school teacher because I felt self-conscious interacting with the children. I went to see Jane Johnson because she had treated this condition for me previously, even though I hadn’t completed the course of treatment, the eczema cleared up quickly. This time when Jane treated me with herbs and acupuncture, I had results in seven days. The blisters dried up and I regained my self confidence.”

Mrs Wilson

Acupuncture treatment for eczema

“I was treated by Jane Johnson a couple of years ago, after suffering from post-viral syndrome for just over 3 years. I spent years feeling tired, lethargic with constant viral symptoms i.e. muscle aches and pains, pins and needles, constant sore throat and always being ill as I had a weak immune system. I was also being treated with drugs by this point for depression. My GP advised me this was all they could offer and it may take up to five years to get better if it did at all. Jane was very thorough, has a very understanding manner and treated me holistically as an individual, but more importantly she managed to help me get well. After a course of acupuncture and herbs all the symptoms disappeared and I felt well in myself and my energy levels returned, later I was also able to discontinue the depression medication as well. I also sought her advice shortly after this for a sinus problem, which was cleared up in days with treatment.”

Karen Callaby

Acupuncture for post viral illness

“I referred one of my patients to Jane as she presented with several health problems on different levels and most of them were outside my scope of practice. The difference that Jane has made to her general well being is amazing. Thanks Jane: would certainly refer again!”

Sarah Koets

Acupuncture to treat chronic fatigue

“Having suffered from itchy swollen eyelids for a couple of summers running, I finally had to admit to myself that I was probably suffering from hayfever. Jane gave me a course of herbal medicine. I fully expected the treatment to have a positive effect; however I was expecting it to take a while before I would notice the improvement. I was therefore delighted that within a couple of days of starting the treatment, the condition completely cleared and I have not had any recurrence of it in the 12 months since. Jane was also very cautious in setting expectations, pointing out that in this case she was primarily treating the symptoms rather than the cause, so it was unlikely to be a permanent cure. If the problem does come back again, Jane will certainly be my first port of call! Thanks Jane.”

Jennifer Major

Chinese herbal medicine to treat hayfever

“Following a bike accident my face was a bit of a mess, I had a big lump under the skin and several scars developing. I had never had acupuncture before. I was slightly apprehensive. Jane was both professional and understanding.  Despite the needles being inserted into a very sensitive area the discomfort was minimal. After a few treatments the lump was tiny and the cuts cleared with no scars. I would thoroughly recommend Jane to anyone and would like to take this opportunity to thank her once again for the help and care she gave me.”

Jenny Read

Acupuncture to treat scar prevention

“Jane Johnson treated my son who sustained head injuries when a boy. He suffered severe headaches, depression and lack of self- esteem, together with lack of physical health. Over several months of treatment, Jane greatly improved his physical health: he lost over 2 stones in weight and no longer suffered with his severe headaches.”


Acupuncture for headache and weight loss

“I am writing to thank you for everything you have done in helping my 17 year old son Chas. As you know he had been suffering with a stomach complaint for 12 months & despite numerous visits to the GP and a visit to a consultant at West Suffolk Hospital he was told there was nothing that could be found wrong and it would cure itself in time. We then had a meeting with you and after 3 weeks of herbal tea, three sessions of acupuncture and now taking the herbal tablets he is completely free of any stomach problems. I must admit to being a little unsure whether your recommendations would work as we all get used to taking prescribed drugs and expecting them to cure anything but I would be happy to speak to anyone with such reservations and tell them what a difference you have made to Chas’s wellbeing.”

Kevin and Linda Driscoll

Acupuncture treatment for nervous stomach

“Acupuncture has been a very positive treatment for me and as a result, I have experienced great relief from the pain of sciatica and associated back pain. I noticed a change in the level of pain after the first session with Jane and by the end of six treatments, the pains related to the sciatica which I had been suffering for over three years, had virtually gone. I would recommend Jane Johnson as a therapist for her professionalism and experience and I have always found her to be informative, kind and patient. I have certainly benefitted from her skill and knowledge.”


Acupuncture to treat chronic back pain and sciatica

“I was introduced to Jane through an acquaintance when my menopausal symptom of hot flushes had become very inconvenient, affecting my day at work and my sleep patterns. After a thorough consultation  Jane recommended a course of herbal teas, which were to be taken regularly. I must confess that these ‘teas’ were like no tea I have ever tasted and they took some getting used to. However it is worth persisting with the recommended course as it is only then that you will see results. After a couple of weeks, I began to feel the effects of the tea and by the end of the month the reduction in my symptoms was remarkable. I have found Jane to be a very personable practitioner who not only understands what Chinese medicine can do for the individual, but who is also able to recommend other solutions to help with the problem.”


Acupuncture and herbal treatment for hot flushes

“I had been getting stomach pains, cramp, flatulence and sluggish digestion. A course of acupuncture and herbs relieved the symptoms completely and improved my digestion.”

Florette Wilson

Acupuncture treatment for chronic indigestion