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Sleep is an important part of our day and vital for our bodies to rest and reset. How much you need depends on your age and can range from 12-17 hours for babies to 7-9 hours for adults. But when we have trouble with getting to sleep it may seem like the problem is insurmountable, […]


Treatment for warts and verrucas

Unsightly and often occurring in visible places, warts and verrucas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. But you don’t have to put up with them on your hands and feet forever. There is many an old wives’ tale about how to get rid of them, from the sublime frog kissing to the ridiculous drawing an ‘X’ […]

Relieving the pain of sciatica with acupuncture

Anyone who has had sciatica knows that it goes far beyond being just a pain in the leg. The effects of it permeate your every move day and night, even when you are just walking around the house or rolling over in bed. Causes and symptoms Sciatica is caused when the sciatic nerve is irritated […]